Bitcoin could take 10 more months to touch its all time high

bitcoin price prediction
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In previous 6 months Bitcoin(BTC) price was moving in a descending triangle. In 2November it breaks the descending triangle resistance level. Thats why we changed our position from Short to Long. In this post I will show you what will be our targets and how much time it could take to reach that targets.

Lets Start

Our buying point.

After the breakout price was reached $6600 . Now it dips little bit and current price is around $6450. Our perfect entry point will be between $6200-6400.

Our Selling Points

First we have to draw the resistance lines . I have draw resistance levels with  blue horizontal lines in chart. (I got the resistance levels with the help of Fibonacci tool) So our sell targets will be little below the resistance lines . Now we have to calculate how much time it can take to reach that targets. For this I'm using Fibonacci time zone tool. and I marked those in chart with using vertical thin blue lines .

Target1 - $11,000 (7 March 2019)[77%]

Target2-  $14,000 (19 May 2019)[130%]

Target3-  $19,000 (21 Sept 2019)[200%]

Our Stoploss Point

Trader should use Stop-loss in every trade, to lose a little money if he is wrong. Before putting stop-loss first we have to point out the price range, in which range if price falls, chat will become bearish and we will be exit from that point. So we will put our stop-loss below $5,400,  because this range acts as support in the last wave of the previous bull-run. i have draw a red color horizontal line in chart to show you.  
bitcoin price prediction
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