Crypto Space News 28 October 2018

Australia’s Post Office Fuels Crypto Adoption for 11 Million Customers

A 200 year old institution in Australia is fueling Bitcoin adoption for its huge customer base of more than eleven million people.

The country’s post office is offering a new digital identity service called Digital iD that can legally be used to make the process of signing up to local Bitcoin exchanges quick and painless. Users no longer have to upload selfies and wait days for verification.

As first reported by the local news outlet Mickey, Australians can use Digital iD to get onto an exchange within minutes.

Source : DailyHodl

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Crypto Whales Make Millions on Tether Sell-Off, Ripple Reveals XRP Investment Strategy, and VeChain Announces New Partnership in Cyprus

Crypto firms reportedly earned millions by capitalizing on last week’s sell-off of the stablecoin Tether (USDT).

According to Crypto Briefing, New York-based Pythagoras Investment Management says it started buying massive amounts of Tether when the price of the coin, which is designed to be pegged 1:1 to the US dollar, started to drop and vary in price across different exchanges.

The firm’s managing director Mitchell Dong says Pythagoras engaged a team of six people

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Alibaba Offers its Blockchain Product to the Rest of the World

Chinese conglomerate, Alibaba, is expanding and offering its Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) product to clients in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

It’s no secret that China isn’t really that fond of cryptocurrencies but blockchain technology is another matter altogether. The country is leading the way when it comes to filing blockchain patents. Even its central bank is fully embracing the technology.

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The cryptocurrency movies and TV shows to date

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Renewable Energy Startup Wants to Tackle Nigeria’s Electricity Crisis Using Blockchain Technology

A solar startup company is willing to create affordable solar energy for Nigerians with the use of virtual blockchain tokens. This move by the company will remove the over-dependence of generators in the country

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Defending Decentralization, Like a Twice in a Millennium Chance

“We haven’t had an opportunity like this in the past 500 years.”

That’s Amir Taaki speaking on a closing panel at the Web3 Summit in Berlin Wednesday, and his statement was greeted with breathless applause by the audience. An early bitcoin developer, Taaki addressed a crowd of more than a thousand coders that had gathered to discuss “Web 3.0” – or the restructuring of internet infrastructures with an emphasis on decentralization.

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Crypto is Not a Big Threat But if Needed, We Will Support it says VISA CEO

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Unocoin’s Co-Founder Sathvik Released While Harish’s Status Is Not Clear

Unocoin’s co-founder, Sathvik Vishwanath, has been released by the Indian police on Saturday through the status of another co-founder, Harish BV, is not clear. The two were arrested a few days ago for running bitcoin ATM kiosk in Bengaluru. The supporters of crypto have welcomed the release and think that it would become a legal thing one day if not now.

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BitGo to introduce an Ethereum based token to be backed by Bitcoin

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The Three Paths XRP Value Can Take – Nouvive: Home of Crypto Enthusiasts, Investors & Traders

We are at a crossroad and there are three potential paths for the final months of the year. There is a lot of hype and speculation; never mind predictions on where the future leads us as holders.

In this post I will describe the three potential scenarios given all of the information and conspiracies I’ve indulged in, and the many people I have spoken to, to bring clarity in the coming months. Neither is more likely than the other but November will be a key indicator as to how this will play out.

I am not being paid to write this post, and Therefore I have a balanced view-point.

The first scenario is reaching up to seven dollars per coin at the end of the year. For this to happen, it would mean that all of the BG & RR riddles and hints were to create hype to push the price up and establish an army of naive gullible investors. It would be signalled by in November seeing very little price action and at best seeing a dollar per XRP.

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OKCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Headquarters Vandalized by Unknown People

A group of over 10 persons stormed the offices and roughed up employees

This is not the first incident to take place in OKCoin’s Beijing’s office

Xu’s team blames its business rivals for organizing the malicious attacks against OKCoin.

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North Korea Enablers in Singapore Operated Crypto Scams to Fund Regime: Report


ETH and LTC should also be bellwether coins like BTC says Charlie Lee

In one of his most recent tweet, Charlie Lee went on to explain, why he feels that Ethereum and Litecoin should also be termed as Bellwether cryptos like Bitcoin.

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Engineers are Leaving Silicon Valley Firms to Crypto; Sign of Demand

In recent months, an increasing number of engineers and developers announced that they are leaving established Silicon Valley tech companies in search for new opportunities in the world of blockchain and crypto.

Firms like Facebook, Apple, Google, Netflix, and Amazon are all viewed as target companies for most engineers. However, even these giants are rapidly losing their best developers to the growing blockchain industry.

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Ivan Poon joins Dusk Network as Strategic Advisor


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